Unit for intelligent control of ventilation system and air to air heat pumps. AirKit can be described as a highly sophisticated control device for ventilation systems. Thanks to AirKit you are able to fully control and operate the condensing units.

The device is capable of full control of the invert system of outdoor condensing units in the range of OFF, 30 – 100%. It can also control both cooling and heating modes and regulate them. AirKit can cooperate and regulate a wide range of brands producing the outdoor condensing units such as Midea, MDV, Hokkaido, Lenox, Gree and many more.

It is also suitable for commercial units from 18k to 165k Btu (3kW – 55kW). It is such a simple and small device, that it doesn’t fail and the device itself detects faults in other system, their defrosting and possibility of frost protection. It has a simple control with an external potentiometer or input in the range of 0 – 10 V. We export AirKit worldwide and it is a subject of interest of major brands in the field.


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