Heat pumps

Heat pumps

If you have decided to build a new house or renovate your current housing, you have to deal with a lot of things. One of the most important decision is how and with what to heat in your home. Both in individual rooms and in the whole building. It is not just a matter of keeping your heating costs as low as possible, but also of making the heating ecological and environmentally friendly. One of the best and most effective solutions to achieve this is the use of heat pump.

Benefits of heat pumps

  • It is a system, which uses renewable resources
  • System efficiency is up to 400%
  • Thanks to a lower electricity rate you will save about 41% on household operation
  • It is an autonomous system you don’t have to worry about at all
  • No more fees for solid fuels, chimney inspections, gas connection, etc.

How heat pumps work

With the air - water system the air is supplied to the heat pump evaporator by high quality fans. In the evaporator the liquid refrigerant evaporates because of the absorbed latent heat obtained from the supplied air, which causes decrease of air temperature around the heat pump. The evaporated refrigerant, which obtained the latent heat from the air, is compressed by a compressor to a pressure which corresponds to the temperature of heating water. By this process, condensing of the gaseous refrigerant in exchanger in the indoor unit is achieved. In the exchanger the condensing refrigerant transfers the obtained latent heat. The hot water than flows into the heating system in the form of radiators or floor heating. In the case of a complete system with domestic hot water the outlet water from exchanger is distributed by three-way valve. With the domestic hot water, you can take a shower, bath or wash dishes in it. The entire process is controlled by our control system – hydrobox.

Air - water system

Solar energy, as a permanently renewable energy source, constantly warms the Earth’s atmosphere. A heat pump, which uses an air - water system, obtains heat from its surroundings (in this case from the air) and transfers this low-temperature energy to water as a heating medium. It can be also used for domestic hot water. Its operation is more economical than other heat sources due to the fact that it uses the principle of heat transfer, not heat conversion (such as combustion). The TnG-Air air - water heat pump is designed as a split system with a separate outdoor unit and indoor unit (hydrobox). Other advantage of the air water system is excellent accessibility of the entire device in case of service intervention and also financial costs for the installations, where you save because you don’t have to pay for expensive borehole, surface collector or deep wells.

Return of investments in comparison with other heating methods

Compared to other heating methods, heat pumps are much more advantageous. Electric heating can convert 1kW of electrical energy to about 0.95 kW of thermal energy. With a simple mathematical calculation, we come to the conclusion, that electric heating has efficiency about 95%. Another possible source of heating is gas. Gas condensing boiler can convert 1kW of electrical energy to 1.21 kW of thermal energy, which is about 121% efficiency. The solid fuel boiler works with heat conversion (combustion). Therefore, the return of investments depends on the price of the fuel used. However, on average our system can work 5 – 10 % more economically than a solid fuel boiler. The main advantage compared to a solid fuel boiler is the ease of operation of the device – no regular replenishment of tanks or addition of solid fuel – and cleanliness in your boiler room. The air - water heat pump can produce in average from 1kW of electrical energy 4kW of thermal energy, which is an efficiency of approx. 400%. Thanks to the heat pump we are able to obtain 3.1 kW of thermal energy from the surrounding air for free.

Indoor unit (hydrobox)

The indoor unit is designed to transfer the thermal energy supplied by the outdoor unit using a high-efficiency AlfaLaval stainless steel exchanger. With this the outlet water with temperature up to 60°C can be achieved. In addition to the heat exchanger, the indoor unit contains a Grundfos circulation pump and an electric bivalent heat source with an output of 6 kW – 18 kW. It also includes a highly sophisticated integrated control and regulation system for controlling all components and ensuring the operation of heating system in all operating modes.

 The standard heat pump allows several options to control the heating system. You can choose between equithermal or thermostatic control. Equithermal control is very advantageous, because the TnG-Air hear pump automatically adjusts the heating water temperature depending on the outdoor temperature. Thermostatic control works based on a wireless room thermostat, which monitors the room temperature according to your needs. Using this data the hydrobox regulates the power of the heat pump with invert system. The big advantage is that all operating modes are fully automated and don’t require any adjustments (including the defrost time). All other components of the heating system are connected to the hydrobox – radiators, floor heating, domestic hot water tanks, accumulation tanks. Our product is so intelligent, that it can work with multiple heat sources in one system. Therefore, there is no problem with combining the heat pump with a fireplace with an exchanger. As we are constantly developing and improving the hydrobox, it is possible to connect the device to the internet and monitor the state of the heat pump using our headquarters (online service).

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit takes heat from the surrounding air and transfers the obtained energy to the heating water via the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32. TnG-Air uses outdoor units with inverter technology and high efficiency. The “inverter” technology makes it possible to regulate the heating power of the heat pump according to current needs.

If your heating system requires less power than nominal, the outdoor unit adapts and supplies only the required amount of heat output with reduced power input. This technology reduces energy consumption and significantly increases the reliability and life length of the heat pump (unlike obsolete On/Off systems). Our heat pump is able to respond flexibly to weather changes and current consumption requirements. The TnG-Air heat pump outdoor units are characteristic with a copper evaporator, very quiet operation and thanks to Mitsubischi twin-rotary compressors they don’t vibrate. We can say, that the compressor is the most important component of the heat pump and therefore the service life of this component is very important and ranged between 15 and 20 years depending on the load of the heat pump. The maximum distance between the outdoor unit and indoor unit is 35 meters, which guarantees high flexibility in installation.

We supply our heat pumps to entire Europe

Our company is able to advise you with choosing a suitable heat pump, provide a professional installation and subsequent service. Our employees have been working in this field for more than 20 years, therefore they posses with deep knowledge and experience in the field of heat pumps. We like to use our experience for the benefit of our customers. You can find our heat pumps throughout the Czech Republic. Beside Czech Republic the heat pumps are located in Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Iceland, Croatia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Poland.

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